Woman in the Womb

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On 13th December, 2001 terrorists drove into parliament building in their vehicles carrying official stickers for entry into the complex. Lax security at the entrance failed to inspect the vehicles as was their duty. The security lapse occurred because our egoist parliamentarians considered it below their dignity to stop their vehicles and prove their identity. In the ensuing gun battle inside the complex five security personnel and all five terrorists were killed. Fall out of this attack was to cost National exchequer nearly the entire defence budget allocation for the year; approximate cost of OP PARAKARAM. More importantly it brought us within a whisker of having a nuclear conflict. Security lapse by the Delhi Police followed by the mayhem within the complex forced the Indian Military to bite the bullet instead of taking measures to discipline the wayward parliamentarians and Delhi police, both of whom were responsible for such breach in security.


Our launch vehicle programme, which started with PSLV has achieved exemplary success in a short time. Launch vehicles have demonstrated reliability. Our satellite fabrication programme is also progressing satisfactorily. Does a reliable launch vehicle and satellite fabrication capability make us an aerospace power? The article examines nitty-gritty of what it takes to become aero-space power and be counted.


Weapons procurement exercise in India is like a jamboree with ring master being the Defence Secretary, who has all the powers but little or no accountability and/or responsibility for inordinate delays in acquisition, which has a direct bearing on national security.
Article was written in 2007 and highlights the plight of the three services. Ironic it may seem but Service Chiefs have no powers in as far as weapon acquisition is concerned. Political considerations and whims and fancy of Ministry of Finance and Defence Secretary combine rule the roost. I was invited to speak at United Services Institutions on the issue in 2007.


Issue of inducting women in Armed Forces has been debated endlessly in the country. Most intellectuals feel that it will be less than desirable on account of financial aspect keeping in view the limited tenure being offered. Perhaps there is a need to change.


31st January, 2012 was celebrated by Marcelle Dassault with the same vigour and fervor as the French National Day. Marcelle Dassault had sealed the biggest deal of the century. IAF had ordered 126 Rafale. French aviation giant was on the verge of collapse with no takers to its generation IV aeroplane. Indian order acted as the proverbial ‘oxygen’.
The article was authored in February, 2012, immediately after the deal was announced.


1962 debacle has left a permanent scar on the psyche of every Indian. Harsh truth has never been spoken that it was not the Indian soldier, who lost the war, it was the myopic political and Military leadership that sacrificed the brave Indian soldier by denying ourselves the use of Air Power. We seem to be unduly perturbed with supposed Chinese capabilities, especially in the field of conventional weapons based in Tibet Autonomous region (TAR).


During 1962 war our political masters did not use fully operational Indian Air Force because of their belief that the then non-effective Chinese Air Force will bomb Calcutta. Somehow the fear of the Dragon makes us assign unbelievable operational capability to Chinese Air Force even today. The fact is that elements of Chinese Air Force based in Tibet Autonomous Region have extremely limited capability due to operating environment and Chinese Air Force elements based in Mainland China can strike targets deep in India only at their peril.


IAF is nearly 80 years old. Air Warriors in their magnificent flying machines have done yeoman service to the nation, both in peace and war. IAF, the major component of national Air Power will not only be required to deter our adversaries from any misadventure but also ensure favourable conflict termination situation, if and when we are forced into a conflict. But for that IAF has to remain well equipped.


The article was authored in 2013.
Erstwhile USSR and USA confrontation, which began almost immediately after the end of IInd world war and continued till 1989 when USSR broke up, was termed by the military strategists as ‘cold war’. The term signified tensions between states but without firing a shot. Asian region was considered to be a relatively quiet region but the wheels of time have changed the scenario. Chinese maritime designs have turned the south china sea a region of instability. Chinese desire to dominate/control Indian Ocean Region are only too well articulated by Chinese strategists.