Gujarat Elections, 2017

Outsourcing by Congress; A Master Stroke by Default?

Dear Mr. Modi,

In individual capacity you deserve all the credit for bringing BJP in 20 states of the country with Gujarat and Himachal in the kitty.

Core issue, however, is did the BJP win Gujarat or did the Congress lose Gujarat? Before elaborating further on this issue, let me quote from my earlier messages to you written few months before current elections. Unlike our seasoned ‘post-event specialists’, I firmly believe in making clear and unambiguous forecast, based on substantive data and rational analysis, which is what I did for Gujarat.

—“Deliberate delay in announcing Gujarat elections would cost BJP at least 30 seats. BJP could have easily won 150 seats. Now BJP will not cross 120. I hope I am wrong because this might just allow Congress to get the ‘SHOT’ in the arm.”—

20th October, 2017

Exit polls are a roaring business and most lack credibility as was quite evident in Gujarat. Most of the seasoned political analysts paid little or no attention to young local leaders viz Alpesh, Jignesh and Hardik. Their direct/indirect association/support to Congress was brushed aside by most of the senior BJP leaders. It was a clear exhibition of ‘Over-Confidence’ and ‘Arrogance’ on part of BJP leaders including the ‘CHANAKYA’ of Indian politics. It is ironic that sycophancy and arrogance has taken firm roots in BJP as well. Minions in the BJP address Mr. Amit Shah as the ‘CHANAKYA’ of Indian politics. His arrogance was visible from day-1 of Gujarat campaign, when he set the agenda as “150+”.

Mr. Modi, I once again reiterate my counsel to you; Atal Ji lost 2004 elections due to false sloganeering “MERA BHARAT MAHAN”. You nearly lost Gujrat. Surat voters saved the day for you.

Now the core issue of out-sourcing by the Congress. Knowing the capability , individual and collective, of current Congress leadership, I will not grant them the wisdom of adopting ‘Out-Sourcing’ model by design; it happened by default but it nearly cost you a personal embarrassment. What is astonishing is the fact that none of the second rung BJP leaders could even appreciate the adverse effect of such collusion. All of them, without exception merely laughed at the ‘TRIO’ and dismissed them as non-entities.

Total lack of situational awareness of prevailing/developing local storm against BJP’s arrogance was missed by the Chanakya. Although it would be difficult for you to admit publicly, but it is quite evident that you realized that BJP CHANAKYA has bitten more than was possible to swallow. That is when you took the unprecedented decision to campaign in Gujarat. Your 41 rallies not only gave you sore throat but also landed Gujarat in your lap.

As an ordinary citizen of mediocre intellect, I commend you Mr. Modi for your unparalleled vision and timely wisdom.

India needs you in 2019, may be beyond. A word of advice you may like to offer to all and sundry of BJP; ‘CHANAKYA’ downwards. Indian Public remains quiet but is averse to ARROGANCE, as was demonstrated by BJP leaders during the campaign. It was evident after election results when none of the BJP spokes-persons were magnanimous enough to accept that they ‘MIS-READ’ the ‘out-sourcing’ effect almost voluntarily. In democracy nothing should be brushed aside. Targets such as “150+” are not set for elections; GDP growth targets are set for annual budget.

2018 will witness elections in Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh followed by 2019 Lok Sabha. Projecting irrational figures such as “150+” will get ‘YOU’ nowhere. BJP CHANAKYA has already set the 2019 Lok Sabha agenda as “350+”. Mr. Modi you would do well to stop such non-sense. Your simple but straight forward agenda of “SABKA SAATH, SABKA VIKAS” will ensure that BJP wins simple majority in states due for elections.

May God grant you the strength and wisdom to lead the nation!


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